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Quarter Horse 

Sorrel Filly
DOB: 2016        Height: 14 hands


Her life was nearly over before it had really begun. We estimate Genesis was about 3 months old when we rescued her and her mother, Nova, from slaughter. Genesis was terribly sick with strangles. On the feedlot, babies can’t ship across the border to Mexico for slaughter, so they are separated from their mothers, who do ship, and left to die or be sold to zoos to feed the wild animals. Some are fortunate enough to be rescued and given a chance at life. Genesis has embraced the challenge with gusto! She is full of mischief, and has had her share of getting into trouble, as in getting herself hurt. However, nothing has been too major, and she is turning into a very pretty, sassy 2 year old.

                             2016-10-01 08.49.55
         Genesis when she first arrived from the
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