What We Do

Here at Eagle’s Nest Youth Ranch, our greatest desire is to assist broken children and broken horses to find healing together within God’s loving embrace.

 Specifically, in our session program we minister one-on-one-on-one (one leader, one child, one horse).  We pray for and over each child and each horse.  We teach the child lessons about horsemanship, and the love and trust that develop in that relationship, which overlap into lessons about the loving God we serve.  Children who have never learned to trust can suddenly open up emotionally to a 1000 pound counselor with big brown eyes.  A child whose life is full of pain, stress, and uncertainty can find a place of joy and freedom where they can begin to hope again.

We do not intend to be defined as a therapeutic riding facility, although we sometimes use therapeutic methods.  We work with each child as an individual, seeking to address their issues using whatever means will do the most good, always with our hearts open to receive the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We trust the Lord to work through us and through the animals to touch the hearts of the children that He sends to us.


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